Logitech Stock Analysis

Updated: Jan 16

Today we talk about Logitech - LOGI or LOGN depending on the market your buying from. We go through the business Model, Price, Financials Risks and Price.

I realized I have 3 Logitech products and everybody I meet has 2 or more. And the more I dug into Logitech, the more impressive it looks. From buying Ultimate Ears (the creators of the boom) to the latest acquisition of StreamLabs to tackle the creators market through software and my favorite, the acquisition and growth of Blue Microphones in 2018.

The company was founded in 1981!

Logitech Acquisitions:

2001 - Labtec for 150 million

2007 - Hillcrist Labs

2008 - Ultimate Ears

2011 - Mirial

2016 - Seitek for 13 million

2017 - Astro Gaming for 85 million

2018 - Blue Microphones for 117 million

2019 - StreamLabs for 89 million

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