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Is Alibaba (BABA) A BUY now? News and expectations - New Plan

Alibaba has been decimated in the Stock Market since February even though its numbers have been great. Lets look at what's going on now

Alibaba (BABA) Has a new Game Plan To Come Back From a Horrific Year

The plan is to grow its international business and delve deeper into an under-served 15 trillion yuan ($2.4 trillion) rural Chinese e-commerce market, laying out its recovery plan after a devastating year marked by political and economic turmoil.

Alibaba, which at its peak was Asia’s largest corporation with a $860 billion market value, has plummeted more than 60% since Feb 2021

Its domestically leading cloud division, local services such as food and grocery delivery, and logistics. Alibaba’s cloud division, its second-largest revenue contributor, was a bright spot in the latest September quarter. Sales at that unit grew 33% during the period, accelerating thanks to investments in technology.

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